Captain Bunny Dangerfingers

A man lost in space and time, Captain Bunny Dangerfingers finds himself stranded again and again in a series of strange lands and deadly predicaments, unsure of the year and whether he can trust his own memory of how he arrived there.

Is he a heavy metal warlord doomed to wander a blasted post-apocalyptic
wasteland in the far distant future? Is he a psychedelic fuzz guitar circus freak in the Summer of Love? Is he a lonesome banjo-pickin’ drifter hopping a boxcar out of the Dustbowl? Is he somehow all of things at once? No one can be sure, least of all the good Captain himself.

Through all his travels, trials, and travails, what gives him hope to carry on are the songs he learns and the musicians who share the road along the way as he struggles against all odds to find the truth of his origins and make his way home, wherever and whenever that may turn out to be.

Now booking for Summer and Fall 2021, stay tuned for updates on this page and email for booking requests!