Captain Bunny & The Crash Landings

Strange visitor from another planet, Captain Bunny was stranded here on Earth when his navigation systems failed on a long-range scientific mission.  Surviving the dramatic crash-landing and taking shelter in a nearby college radio station, the Captain learned all he knows of human culture and social interactions from the records therein.

The crack rhythm unit known as the Crash Landings, Bunny’s closest allies and co-conspirators, were initially hired by the CIA to locate and destroy the Captain and thwart his subversive agenda, but came around when they heard him sing.  Half a dozen hippie speedballs and a Clash record or two later, they became a mighty force for freak power and joined the Captain in his original scientific mission, for which he has been stranded so long from home: To find the most whiskey-shootin,’ beer swillin,’ lowdown shake-ya-backside boogie grooves in the galaxy and throw down! 

The Crash Landings are Trent Dunbar on drums, Laura “Knuckles” Dargus on percussion, and Andrew Robie on bass.