Knuckles & Bunny

Knuckles & Bunny’s EP “One-Hitter” is available now on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify! 

Not your Grandaddy’s Bluegrass!  High energy, mostly acoustic roots music with equal parts traditional chops and irreverent humor.

Knuckles Dargus & Bunny Dangerfingers have played music together for years, through several name and lineup changes (Dark Don’t Catch Me Here, Born Thirsty).  As a duo, and as often as schedules permit, accompanied by ace bass player Andrew Robie, Knuckles & Bunny draw inspiration from points all over the musical timeline.  Taking in 1920s jazz, 1930s and 40s blues and hillbilly, 1950s rockabilly and classic country, and rock and pop from the 1960s right on through to today, it all goes in the stew and comes out Knuckles & Bunny.  Banjo, guitar, and dobro collide with everything-but-the-kitchen-sink percussion and an R-rated Johnny and June sense of humor, served with harmonies on top.  Pairs well with a shot and a beer!