The Levee Goats

Buoyant and Bouncy GOOD-TIME GARAGE ROCK and BOOGIE BLUES from New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Levee Goats “Rehearsal Bootleg” EP is now on Souncloud and Bandcamp!

This irrepressible crew of crate-digging time-pirates hand-picks choice covers from every corner of the record store, whisks in a heaping helping of catchy original pop tunes and irreverent humor, sprinkles with a bittersweet ballad or two, and bakes until TASTY.  This is barbeque and beer lowdown feel-good boogie music to shake your ass and lift your soul.

The Levee Goats are:

Trent Dunbar – DRUMS

Knuckles Dargus – PERCUSSION & VOCALS

Christian Vogelsang – GUITAR, KEYS, AND VOCALS

Bunny Dangerfingers– GUITAR, KEYS, AND VOCALS

Andrew Robie – BASS & VOCALS